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Unit Standard Aligned Courses
(Certificate in Meeting the Requirements)
  • Conduct evacuations and emergency drills
  • Use a SCBA (Self Contained Breathing Apparatus)
  • Conduct a continuous risk assessment in a workplace
  • Solve problems, make decisions and implement solutions
  • Demonstrate understanding of occupational HSE legislation
  • Explain emergency preparedness and response procedures
  • Undertake an emergency rescue operation in a confined space
  • Monitor, report and make recommendations pertaining to specified requirements in terms of working at height
  • Conduct an investigation into workplace incidents
  • Comply with legal requirements for a construction contract
In House Customized Sessions
(Certificate of Attendance)
  • Selection and Use of extention ladders and / or step ladders
  • Understanding Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)
  • Conduct a continuous risk assessment in a workplace
  • Hose Drills:
  • Shipping a hydrant
  • H 1 - Laying one line of hose from hydrant
  • H 2 - Adding one length of hose
  • H 3 - Removing one length of hoset
  • Maximising Personal Productivity (Time Management)
  • Improving Communication Skills
  • Overcoming Stalls & Objections
  • Effective Work Habits
  • Achieving Success through Goal Setting

Unit Standards (MOU with Training Providers)
(Certificate of Competence)
  • US 229995 : Install, use and perform basic rescues from fall arrest systems and implement the fall protection plan
  • US 229998 : Explain and perform fall arrest techniques when working at height
  • US 229994 : Assess a worksite for work at height and prepare a fall protection plan