Why the name Blue Umbrella

BlueUmbrella can assist with your upcoming ISO Audit.

When an umbrella is opened to its full capacity, it covers from end-to-end a very specific target. It shields from the sun, the rain and anything that can potentially harm the subject target. Our idea is that we cover your business with all the services we offer. Our expertise in very specific business areas will provide you with a win-win solution. When you have a good quality umbrella, you can be assured that it will be reliable when you need it most. The end result for your business, whilst being under the cover of BLUE UMBRELLA, will be a refreshing experience leaving you satisfied that you have made a life-changing decision to venture into this strategic alliance with a company that cover you, when you need it most. So, all-in-all, we want to be part of your solution, not part of your problem and will endeavor to always give you ‘best practice’ advice; that which you deserve.

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Is passionately in the transfer of knowledge, skills and attitude through to all levels by means of facilitation, consultation and training. Creates awareness and light the fire of change that will position any individual or firm to enable them to embrace their passion.

Highly energetic and motivated, have good leadership and administrative skills and am Microsoft Office proficient. Am a self-starting and a charismatic leader who can enthuse and motivate others through compelling vision. Possess good communication skills, both written and verbal which enables interaction well with both clients and employees.

Am assertive and analytical, results driven and possess strong problem solving skills.

Can further be described by: being a very resilient business minded individual with an action orientated approach and a strong passion for people. I know who I am and has the natural talent to stand my ground in any given situation. I choose to base my life on a set of values and principles that I treasure and live up to.

For me, life is a journey with choices and chances and I aspire to deal meaningfully with all life has to offer. As a confident and well-rounded leader, I am authentic, ambitious and courageous with good intentions and a high tolerance for pressure as well as a desire and commitment to constant-and-never-ending improvement and growth.

Has served in the South African Police. Was utilized as a Riot Unit Specialist and Instructor. Is a Veteran Firefighter / ILS Paramedic. Trained many new Firefighters / Paramedics. Current NAUI Scuba Diving Instructor for 20 years. Has vast experience in Sharing ~ Coaching ~ Mentoring. An attention-to-detail, analytical, highly adaptive, methodical and assertive individual with a logical approach in problem solving. His passion for people highly underpins his desire to make a difference, when-ever and where-ever he goes.

I seek purpose in all I do and I add purpose where I can

The following words of Gandhi summarize my life philosophy and conduct: “If you want to change the world, YOU must be the change”.

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